Was ist Kollagen?

Es gibt ungefähr 28 verschiedene Arten von Kollagen, jedoch bestehen mehr als 85% des Kollagens im menschlichen Körper aus Typ I, II und III.

Kollagen Typ I: Found in skin, bones, blood vessels, connective
tissue, tendons, organs, scar tissue, and fibrous cartilage.

Kollagen Typ II: Found in more elastic cartilage (the one between bones),
this type of collagen is known for promoting joint health.

Kollagen Typ III: The second most abundant type of
Collagen found in the body, after Type I. It is critical in the structure of organs, the
vascular system and muscles.

Which Collagen type enhances skin health and beauty?

For healthy skin and beauty, the best is Type I.
Scientific research has found that when levels of Collagen Type I are
increased, the appearance of the skin improves considerably.

Why take a collagen supplement?

If collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in
our bodies, you must be thinking, "Why do I need to take a

The answer is simple and it relates to 2 factors: age and nutrition.
Since our body starts producing less collagen as we age (starting around our thirties), adding a supplement helps replace this deficiency. On the other
hand, if your nutrition is not well-balanced, that also affects the quality and quantity of collagen your body has at its disposal.

Vorteile von Kollagen

- Improves skin appearance (elasticity, nourishment, moisture, wrinkles, and signs of
- Strengthens bones, tendons, teeth, hair, and nails.

- Enhances joints mobility and diminishes joint pain.

- Builds up muscles and assists your body’s recovery from exercise.

- The amino acids found in marine collagen help protect your liver and repair it from any

SmartFilm Collagen

SmartFilm Collagen is the most advanced Type I collagen available in the market. Thanks to its innovative oral disintegration technology, it dissolves quickly inside your mouth without water and is absorbed by your body more effectively. Since it is so thin, you can easily carry it everywhere you go.

More effective due to 92x more absorption than other collagen products

Studies conducted by Professor
Daniguchi and his team at the School of Pharmacy in Himeji Dokkyo University, show that absorption of collagen is 92x more effective through oral mucosa compared to absorption through the epidermal skin layer. This gives SmartFilm a unique advantage over the hundreds of other types of collagen available on the market, such as, pills, creams, and powders.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Our collagen is hydrolyzed, which
means it breaks the protein down to allow your body to digest it better and easier. Collagen can come from different comes from Tilapia fish which have a very high bio-availability and absorption. Marine collagen is proven to be safer and risk-free from infections, which beef and pork collagen can carry. It is considered better for increasing overall body collagen and is absorbed more efficiently.

Collagen- Anti-wrinkle and lift

More than 90% of the dermal layer in our skin is composed of collagen. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the shape of the skin and strengthening its tissue, preventing the increase of
fine wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid- Moisturizing

Es reduziert Falten durch Auffüllen feiner Linien und schützt vor freien Radikalen, wodurch die Gesundheit der Haut gefördert wird.

Elastin - Elasticity and Durability

Elastin ist ein Schlüsselprotein, hochelastisch, das für die Widerstandsfähigkeit des Gewebes verantwortlich ist, es dabei unterstützt, nach dem Dehnen in seine ursprüngliche Form zurückzukehren, und die Elastizität Ihrer Haut über ein Leben lang beibehält. Der Verlust der Hautelastizität infolge des Abbaus elastischer Fasern ist ein wesentlicher Faktor für die Alterung des Bindegewebes.

Vitamin C- Absorption boosting

Hautfibroblasten sind für die Kollagensynthese und die Regulierung des Kollagen / Elastin-Gleichgewichts in der Dermis auf Vitamin C angewiesen. Vitamin C wird dringend für das Wachstum, die Entwicklung und die ordnungsgemäße Reparatur aller Gewebe benötigt.

Wie und wann zu nehmen SmartFilm Kollagen?

Our product is user friendly and easy to take. It can be consumed by both men and women. You only need 1 SmartFilm Kollagen einen Tag, kurz vor dem Schlafengehen.

Don’t worry about the taste!

Some supplements leave you with a weird or unpleasant after taste. We have good news for you! SmartFilm has a really nice taste, it is a combination of lemon and a hint of mint, and since you are advised to
take it before bed, you can sleep with a good taste in your mouth.